Take flight with next generation aerospace technologies

In today's aerospace industry, success means minimizing downtime, while ensuring passenger and crew safety. To do this, you need to invest in technologies that help you build the safest aircraft with the lowest predictable cost of ownership and manage a complex array of regulatory requirements. 

Prepare for the future of aviation with increased efficiency and sustainability

From commercial fleets to mission-ready military aircraft, we know that preparing for the future of air travel is your top priority. Our innovative products and services are designed to improve aircraft availability with increased efficiency and performance. Eaton helps you ensure quality and reliability with products built to rigorous safety standards, while lowering operating costs and emissions with fuel efficient technology and ensuring reduced maintenance costs. We enable you to enhance and sustain profitability in a complex and changing regulatory environment and help you fulfill the needs of your customers now and into the future. 

Ducting repair services

By leveraging our advanced manufacturing and materials expertise, we’re able to perform more complex ducting repairs and develop repairs not on the market.

Power system solutions for the aerospace industry

See how we use advanced technology platforms to provide the best value to our customers. 



Through zonal hydraulics system architecture, next gen electric motor pumps (EMP) and high density power hydraulic and fuel pumps, we provide improved aircraft efficiency through the increased use of electrical power with localized power conversion.


Connected intelligence

With the help of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, we focus on health monitoring and prognostics by leveraging intelligent systems and connectivity. Our sensor-enabled components and monitoring systems give you peace of mind that the health of your aircraft can be analyzed with speed and accuracy.


Additive manufacturing 

Innovation can happen quickly with streamlined technology. Our engineers use material and process combinations to reduce weight, eliminate potential part failure points and enhance product features.

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