Buildings as a Grid

See how the energy transition can help you seize the opportunity to improve the performance and expand functional use of your building infrastructure. 

Unlock the energy transition for your building

The energy transition creates an enormous opportunity for building owners to manage power far more effectively. We’re accelerating this shift by making it easier to integrate renewables, energy storage and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

With our Buildings as a Grid approach, you can transform your building into an energy hub to take advantage of the new power paradigm, better manage existing electrical infrastructure and prepare for future energy requirements.  This is our Everything as a Grid strategy at work, creating flexible energy systems to power the future—accelerating decarbonization, boosting resilience, reducing energy costs and creating new revenue streams.

When your building is an electric grid, it’s easier to get the power you need and make your infrastructure work better and harder. This means office, campus, retail, condominium, airport and arena power systems can be put to work in new ways to achieve energy goals and boost the bottom line while supporting your local utility grid. 

Building energy trends

Buildings require a lot of power. And in the future, they will require a lot more power. So, the impact of using power more wisely is crucial to support decarbonization, business continuity and controlling energy costs—establishing a competitive edge and expanding what your building can do for you.

There is a tremendous opportunity to make existing building electrical infrastructure do more to help you prepare for what’s to come. Our Buildings as a Grid approach gives you greater control over your energy system.

Share of the world’s energy that buildings consume
Share of the world’s energy that buildings consume
Increase in electricity demand from vehicle electrification by 2050
Increase in electricity demand from vehicle electrification by 2050
Increase in electricity consumption, driven by buildings and road transport, by 2050
Increase in electricity consumption, driven by buildings and road transport, by 2050

Buildings as a Grid: put your energy to work in new ways

Buildings as a Grid infrastructure combines local power generation, energy storage and intelligent control to deliver the maximum benefit from your energy system.

You can leverage existing energy infrastructure with a modular approach that can easily scale to meet changing energy needs. Enabling building owners to balance sustainability, affordability and reliability through flexible energy systems.   

Expertise and solutions for tomorrow’s energy needs

For generations, electrical systems were designed based on historical data, meeting legacy energy requirements, weather patterns and expectations. Now, more than ever, infrastructure must be able to adapt to change. That means designing buildings to support the energy challenges ahead, so the power stays on, no matter what.

At Eaton, we know this to be true because we’ve been helping customers to do just that: create electrical systems that meet today’s energy requirements and anticipate tomorrow’s energy challenges.  

Bolstering the power distribution backbone essential to your operations
Deep expertise and solutions for building energy systems enable us to make the updates essential to a new power paradigm

Improving resilience both behind and in front of the meter
Unique ability to support onsite and grid energy requirements

Leading microgrid development
With many projects around the world optimizing where, when and how electricity is consumed

Transforming dormant energy assets
Emergency power assets can now also provide intelligent grid-connected energy storage

Safely adding renewables, storage and electric vehicle infrastructure
Thousands of projects for customers and our facilities 

Leverage the power of the energy transition. Our Buildings as a Grid approach enables you to put your infrastructure to work in new ways to ensure your power is always on, optimized for efficiency and ready for what’s next. 

We make building big work.

With the need for power ever-increasing, there is a tremendous opportunity to make your building’s electrical infrastructure a source of value, rather than a drain on resources. Discover how we can help you build an energy management strategy that helps you meet your customers' needs and your business objectives.