Conduit, cable & wire management

Time-tested, field-proven conduit raceway and supports, cable tray and ladder systems, fittings and cable glands that provide pathways for moving power simply and safely in any electrical installation
TMC3 Armored Gland

New TMC3 armored cable gland available in 1/2" and 3/4" NPT sizes

Dual certified for armored (MC/TECK) and non-armored (tray) cable, and featuring a 2-piece construction with extensive wrenching surfaces, our new TMC3 has been designed for versatility and installation ease.

Zinc whiskers: what are they and how do we deal with them?

The telecommunications and high tech industry have experienced a resurgence in zinc whisker failures. This is due to the microelectronics that are commonly found in today’s data-centers and sophisticated electronics. These tiny whiskers create havoc when they find their way into these microelectronics.