Industrial control, drives, automation & sensors

Eaton meets the challenges of shorter product life cycles and higher energy costs with a full line of automation and control products that energize the machines a globally demanding marketplace requires.

Brightlayer Industrial remote monitoring application

Collect and aggregate operational and maintenance data across any and all manufacturing equipment, including multiple sources and locations. Get a unified view of your machines process and facilities.

Oh My PLC!

A game show. Three contestants. Questions about PLCs. Who can bring home a victory? Watch the videos and find out.

Where to buy industrial control

Find distributors in your area that have the control products you need, when you need them.

Learn more about PLCs

Our Automation Compass platform provides all the details on PLC control methodologies available and how they work.

Harmonics issues?

Don't let harmonics hamper your electrical system. Take a look at our new web presence dedicated to harmonics.