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“Podcasting on Substack has allowed me to grow and communicate with my audience in a way that just hadn't been possible before.”
– Glenn Loury, The Glenn Show
More than a podcast.
Share more than just an episode, and make your podcast about more than just listening. Each episode can become a bigger, richer experience by adding supporting multimedia material around it—writing, images, or bonus audio and video content.
A direct relationship with listeners.
On Substack, you’re not podcasting into a void. Email subscriptions create direct relationships with listeners. Comments and community threads connect subscribers.
Monetize through devotion.
On Substack you can share free episodes broadly via email, web, in the Substack app, or via RSS feed to all major podcast players — and add extra convert to a paying subscription all in one place.
“Adding my podcast to Burnt Toast has been such an important way to build my community and make my work more accessible to a wider audience... Since I launched my podcast, my total list has grown by 30 percent and my paid subscribers have nearly doubled.”
– Virginia Sole-Smith, Burnt Toast
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No need for long episodes, hefty edits, or expensive equipment. Keep it simple and record audio directly in the Substack editor.
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A Message
Patti Smith
Share personal messages with voice
Musician, author, and poet Patti Smith regularly sends audio clips to subscribers, reflecting on travels and even singing.
Entrepreneurship is contagious
Matt Clancy
Start a lightweight podcast
Matt Clancy, an economist at Iowa State, publishes written research alongside a spoken exploration of his learnings.
Hild of Whitby
Florence H. R. Scott
Read posts aloud
Florence H. R. Scott, a historian from Leeds, UK brings written posts to life by reading them in their own voice.
Friday night mini-pod recap
Ariel Helwani
Live dispatches from behind the scenes
Ariel Helwani narrates the latest news and shares his thoughts on big fights as they are happening.
“I loved using the audio feature. It was a real raw way to get my thoughts on that night's fights out fast and in a digestible format to the audience, and it couldn't have been easier. The feedback I got for it was great.”
– Ariel Helwani, Helwani Nose
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