From aerospace to mobile and industrial machinery, Eaton hydraulic valves deliver a competitive advantage in markets all over the world. Our comprehensive portfolio features cutting-edge technology and unmatched quality.

Mobile valve performance optimized

Introducing the CMT mobile valve section, a streamlined new section option for the Eaton CMA advanced mobile valve. With the capability to control two services from one section, CMT increases design flexibility and reduces CMA valve bank size, weight and overall system cost.

CMA advanced mobile valve with independent metering

Introducing an electrohydraulic mobile valve that’s challenging the limits of what’s possible. With a sophisticated technology platform that dramatically streamlines and simplifies everything from design and setup to operation and optimization, the Eaton CMA valve redefines what mobile machines can do.

Boost payloads with our streamlined designs

Eaton’s valve in tank assembly (VITA) satellite electric propulsion feed system integrates proportional flow valve technology into a lightweight composite tank — a first-of-its-kind design that allows more room for payload by eliminating the traditional feed system envelope.

Wind turbine proportional valve

Utilities and wind turbine manufacturers around the world rely on Eaton’s proven proportional valve technology for turbine blade pitch control. Learn more about our KB series valve, including our repair and upgrade program for wind energy.

Discover what's new to the SiCV portfolio

Read about the latest additions to Eaton's extensive range of screw-in cartridge valves. Learn more about recently released valves as well as valves in development.

Tools and resources

Eaton at work

Whether your products move, turn, shape, mold, lift, dig, haul or transport, you can depend on Eaton valves to deliver the performance you need to stay competitive.