We make the electric revolution work.*

Our dedication to technology advancements in vehicle electrification helps you meet today’s needs while preparing for the future of mobility. 

*Vehicle manufacturers work hard to improve the way the world moves, and we help them do it. They rely on us to assist in building efficient vehicles that travel faster, farther, higher and safer at a lower overall cost to consumers and the environment. We’re helping to drive adoption and evolve EV technology at our sweet spot: the convergence of electrical and mechanical power.

We combine automotive, commercial vehicle and aerospace expertise with electrical insights. And we’re dedicated to bringing more innovative ideas to life; through our global R&D and manufacturing facilities, we deliver the quality products our partners - and their customers - demand. The result: safer, more efficient travel solutions with superior levels of serviceability.

Our combined vehicle and electrical expertise enables our OEM partners to take their business and customers to newer, greener horizons. From start-ups to legacy vehicle manufacturers, we help facilitate vehicle electrification today and collaborate with companies around the globe to innovate the transportation technologies of the future. Because that’s what matters. 

We make going further work.*

*Electric vehicle owners have high safety, efficiency and technology demands. Manufacturers are tasked with responding with innovations that perform and inspire, while meeting their business goals. Our electrification expertise lets you achieve both.

Our experience, coupled with our deep knowledge in power electronics and electrical power distribution, inspires technologies that save time, increase safety and drive efficiencies that impact your business and the planet for the better. Our power-dense high-voltage inverters deliver electric power from the battery to the wheels efficiently and with less weight to increase driving range. Our Bussmann series fuses open up to 10 times faster to ensure the protection of circuits under high fault-current conditions. Our high-voltage DC/DC converters let customers travel safely in style by converting high voltages to low voltages, allowing power for infotainment and safety systems. And our intelligent PDUs are smart enough to predict fuse life and even alert drivers of loss of power so they can reach service safely.

Every driver wants to feel confident on the road. Vehicle manufacturers want to drive sales and grow their business. With Eaton’s know-how, resources and solutions, you’ll build electric vehicles that excite and create newer, safer products that take your business further. 


Learn about our eMobility solutions for hybrid and battery electric vehicles. 


We make ahead-of-the-curve work.*

*The commercial vehicle business will continue to face increasing pressure from emissions regulations. And while diesel engines will remain the primary power source, electrification will play a critical role in turning those challenges into opportunities for better ROI. We understand new technologies are costly, which is why we work with OEM partners to develop scalable, modular commercial vehicle electrification solutions.

We solve complex electrical challenges thanks to decades of experience in high-voltage power and commercial vehicle hybrid systems. Our EV transmissions improve performance on steep grades, allowing electric motors to operate more efficiently. And our 48-volt mild hybrid system captures energy while braking and coasting to improve fuel economy over long and short trips and cool a sleeper cab on hot nights.

Whether it’s a long-haul truck traversing the highway, a delivery vehicle making stop after stop or a bus moving commuters across a busy metropolis, we’re driven to develop new technologies that improve efficiency and safety—without sacrificing performance.

Learn about our eMobility solutions for commercial vehicles.

We make beyond the horizon work.*

*Manufacturers look to push the boundaries of air travel with aerospace solutions that are quieter, lighter and operate around the clock with less environmental impact. That’s why we continue to invest in the core technologies needed to enhance products for optimal performance.

We are enabling reduced total cost of ownership and delivering  environmental benefits by leveraging our expertise in the high-density power of traditional aerospace design. Our hydro-mechanical pedigree and technical capabilities in power electronics uniquely position us to further the industry’s migration to electric aircraft. And our understanding of Blended Power and distributed architecture provides an alternative to traditional centralized hydraulic systems, so customers can reduce weight, increase reliability, optimize power usage and ease aircraft assembly.

From hydraulics and fuel systems to motion controls and engine solutions, we are ready to accelerate the electrification of your next generation of aircraft. 


Learn about our aerospace technologies that deliver more reliable, efficient aircraft. 

Making the electric revolution work for the aerospace industry

Lighter. Quieter. And more sustainable. With our innovative aerospace technologies, we are pushing the boundaries to evolve electrified aircraft for today and tomorrow. 

No matter what it takes to get you there, we make the journey work.

Eaton combines years of electrical, mechanical and fluid power management expertise to create innovative, sustainable vehicle electrification technologies. Together, we can explore the possibilities and evolve transportation to carry customers with greater safety and efficiency. Because that’s what matters. And we’re here to make sure it works.
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